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יום ו׳, 27 בספט׳


Kfar Rupin

Essence of Balance Yoga Retreat: " A journey through the 5 elements"

Join our 3-day retreat to find connection, comfort, and balance in a peaceful natural setting. Our transformative journey through the 5 elements will guide you to cultivate a deeper connection with nature through Yoga, Sound Healing, breathing and more! Scroll down for prices info.

Essence of Balance Yoga Retreat: " A journey through the 5 elements"
Essence of Balance Yoga Retreat: " A journey through the 5 elements"

זמן ומיקום

27 בספט׳ 2024, 09:00 GMT‎+3‎ – 29 בספט׳ 2024, 11:00 GMT‎+3‎

Kfar Rupin, Kfar Ruppin, Israel

מספר אורחים

פרטי האירוע

Essence of Balance Yoga retreat in Kfar Ruppin, Israel.

"Journey through the 5 elements"

About the Retreat Center

Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin, located in the southeast of Beit She’an in northern Israel, surrounded by wild and peaceful nature, is a hidden jewel in the great Rift valley, with tens of natural springs and farm fields, becoming a magnet for breeding and migrating birds.

About the Retreat

Our 3-day, retreat invites you to unwind in a peaceful setting, surrounded by nature's serenity, allowing yourself to unwind, recharge, and rediscover your sense of balance and harmony. 

We will embark on a transformative journey through the 5 elements to cultivate a deeper understanding and connection with the natural world:

Our Earth-inspired yoga practices will ground and stabilize your energy, while our Sound Healing ceremony will use the vibrations of crystals and tuning forks to amplify this connection.

Our Air-inspired breathing session will focus on gentle, flowing movements to cultivate freedom and expansion, while our Fire-inspired cacao ritual will ignite your inner passion and creativity.

Our Water-inspired meditation will soothe and calm your emotions, while our Ether-inspired final practice will elevate your consciousness and connect you with the infinite.

With their combined expertise and passion for wellness, Mica and Joanna have created a unique and transformative retreat that nourishes both body and soul. 

The retreat features delicious healthy meals, comfortable accommodations surrounded by nature, and 

expert guidance to help you let go of stress and anxiety, and simply be present in the moment.

Booking details:

Shared accommodation in cozy rooms with enclosed bathroom.

Special promo 1 - Sign up with a friend and each one of you will pay only 2500 ₪ - LIMITED AMOUNTS

Special promo 2 - Be one of the first people contacting us before August 5th and pay only 2800 ₪ - LIMITED AMOUNTS 

After August 5th - Regular price is 3200 ₪.

If you are a MyWellness member or you have attended a previous retreat, you can get a 5% discount on the regular price!

Included: September 27th - 29th - 2 nights, 3 days, nourishing vegetarian Meals, tea, coffee, comfortable accommodation, and retreat content.

Not included: Transportation and any expenses out of the schedule.

Please reserve your spot by filling up this form and we will contact you for the payment details.


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