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Corporate Yoga for everyone in the Office

Bring Yoga or Pilates to your Office in the Tel Aviv area

MyWellness TLV offers corporate Yoga or Pilates classes to companies in Tel Aviv or Ramat Gan. Our team of qualified teachers can bring Yoga into your office, increasing the wellbeing and productivity of the employees.


Some of the benefits of Yoga at work are mental and physical health improvement; increase in focus, productivity, morale and creativity; and can also reduce stress.

With our corporate yoga classes, our teachers focus on the areas of the body that desk workers need the most attention to achieve the most benefits from the session.

Ideal for every company with high-demanding environment!

Lessons can either be In Person at the office, at our studio with all the yoga materials in Tel Aviv in Dizzengof 264, in a public space like parks near the office, or Online via Zoom.

Also lessons can be in English, Spanish, Russian, German and even Czech.

Price varies depending on the location, number of participants, frequency and other variables. Contact us at or click the button below to get a quote for your company today!

Corporate Yoga in Tel Aviv
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