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New to MyWellness TLV?

- Welcome!

It would be a pleasure to see you on the mat in our studio!

If it's your 1st time with us, we recommend you to check our 2 trial options.

To book a class, first you must purchase any trial option or a package from our pricing options, and then you can book any class of your liking (while you are logged in with your account) selecting a class from the schedule page.

- What to bring?

You can either bring your own yoga mat (we offer Mat Storage so you don't have to be carrying the mat around every time you come), or borrow a clean and high quality one from us in the reception. 

For Yoga by the Sea, let us know in case you need a mat and we will bring you one for 10nis.

We also recommend to bring a reusable water bottle where you can fill it up in our studio, comfortable clothes and a towel.

- Are you completely new to yoga?

No worries! Our Beginner Yoga classes in Tel Aviv, in our studio or by the sea are the best way to start your yoga journey. We have experienced teachers who provide a safe and secure environment to help you learn the fundamentals of yoga and build a strong foundation for your practice. You can book any class that says (All Levels) next to the class name and then tell the teacher you are completely new to Yoga, they will know how to guide you :)

You can also contact us before to ask which class would be more suitable to start: Get in touch.

Booking and Cancellations Policy

- Booking Policies

The packages and trials' time period start from the exact moment you make the payment. 

Each package and/or membership are exclusive for the owner's use.

If you would like to bring a friend, you are welcome to refer him/her to a trial or package, or get him/her a gift card!

- Late Arrivals

The first minutes of a Yoga session are some of the most important, and any distractions during that moment can influence the quality of the session.

Please, out of respect for the teacher and the rest of the practitioners, be on time.

If you drop-in and have not paid for the class you want to come, please arrive at least 15 minutes before the class starts.

- Cancellation policy

You can cancel the class 2 hours prior to the start of the afternoon classes, and up until 22:00 of the night before an early morning classes.

Cancellations made after that or a no-show, will result in a deduction of a class from the plan.

For more information about each plan's policies, you can check our Terms & Conditions.

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